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Corporate documents Antworten

Corporate documents, also called legal documents, are a set of specific documents that write down all the necessary facts about the company. These documents are called the face of the company as they are the source of official information about the company. Whenever a company is formed or changed, documents containing facts about the company or the facts about the changes in company law must be submitted to the business register. The registry amends the information in the commercial register and attaches the submitted documents to the company's file so that any person is entitled to receive the official facts about the company.

There are different types of corporate documents, each containing different information. The most important documents are the constituent documents, such as the memorandum of association and the articles of incorporation.

Each document has strict requirements and a specific form. A signature on some documents must be notarized to be legally binding. These documents are usually drawn up by lawyers or law firms specializing in business law. It is important to remember that the status and requirements of legal documents vary by jurisdiction. Also, the names of the documents may vary in different countries.

Corporate documents required for company formation
In order to incorporate a company, two basic incorporation documents are required:

Social contract
It contains the basic conditions under which the company may operate. The document consists of information such as the company name, information on the founders, information on the equity of the company, the permissible amount of the formation costs and their disbursement order, etc.;
social contract
It generally defines the responsibilities of the board, the nature of the business to be conducted, and the means by which the owners exercise control over the board. With the consent of the founders, the Articles of Association may contain specific resolution-making provisions, limitations of the Board of Directors, powers of the Council and other specific terms relating to the procedure of transfer of shares.
Other secondary documents may be requested. These are as follows:

An application from the local company register – each state has its own form that must be submitted for changes to be made;
Statement of each board member / approval of board member; List of shareholders / division of the register of shareholders (in the case of a limited liability company);
Specification of the company address / notification of an office address;
bank statement on the payment of the share capital;
Receipt of payment of state fee;

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